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Official Review: UFC Deluxe Series 4

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Join MMAFigs.com Adminsistrator PdW2kX as He Takes a Look at UFC Series 4, Featuring Kimbo Slice, Wanderlei Silva, and more!

Hello once more fans and friends, and welcome to another MMAFigs.com exclusive, official review! Today I, PdW2kX, will be looking at Jakks Pacific’s recently released UFC Deluxe Series 4 assortment, featuring big names like Kimbo Slice, Matt Hughes, Rich Franklin, and Wanderlei Silva. Deluxe 4 features one of the broadest assortments of figures seen yet in Jakks’ run with the UFC license, having figures from many different weight classes as well as a Legends and WEC figure. With Jakks going full speed ahead with this license, and with Series 3 having some of the better figures ever released in the UFC line, let’s dive right into this official, exclusive MMAFigs.com review of UFC Deluxe Series 4.

First up we have Matt Hughes, and he’s one of the better figures in Deluxe 4. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better headscan, and the blue trunks look great and feature seven official logos. I’ve never been that big of a Matt Hughes fan, but fans of his will have little to complain about with this figure. The head in particular is another addition to the ever-increasing list of fantastic head molds seen in the UFC Deluxe line.

Another fighter where “less is more” clearly comes into play is the Kimbo Slice action figure, which comes with a removable cloth beanie. Jakks has done a great job with their accessories so far, and even though it’s just a small cap, the attention-to-detail really makes the figure shine. Kimbo’s head mold is equally as great as that of Matt Hughes, and perfectly captures Kimbo’s unique hairstyle and famous beard. Although he only sports three logos, they’re all very large and very detailed. Whether famous or infamous, this figure of the notorious street brawler is just plain great.

Although Rich Franklin’s head mold isn’t the best of Series 4, the very well-done trunks make up for it.  Franklin’s face just looks off in a way that’s difficult to describe, it’s a case of “close but no cigar”. However, his pink and brown trunks really bring out the figure and make it another solid purchase.

The figure of UFC legend Don Frye is right up there with Matt Hughes and Kimbo Slice, and is my personal favorite head mold of the bunch. His classic “take no prisoners” look on his face, combined with his close-cut hair and famous bushy mustache, immediately makes me recall the glory days of Frye, resulting in a great feeling of nostalgia. I’ve always felt that the UFC Legends line has some of the best figures that the overall Jakks UFC line has to offer, and if Jakks keeps churning out figures of this quality, it’s inevitable that the demand will be big enough to warrant a separate line. This is another can’t-miss figure.

The WEC’s Jamie Varner also gets the action figure treatment in Deluxe 4, although he’s more for niche collectors. There’s no particularly huge reason why you should buy this figure, but if you do I don’t think you’ll regret it. The head scan is good, and captures Varner’s hairstyle really well, and the two star tattoos are a highlight of the figure. Jakks’ tat work on the UFC line has, for the most part, been impeccable. The trunks are a bit bland, though. Despite featuring seven official logos, they’re all from the same company. However, this is actually a realistic recreation of the trunks Varner wore at WEC 32, which is the attire this figure is based upon. So I can’t fault Jakks too much for sticking to realism.

Sean Sherk is one of the last figures I’ll cover in this review in UFC Deluxe 4, and unfortunately he’s easily the worst of the bunch. I’ll start off with the good: his face scan isn’t the best likeness, but it’s certainly passable and doesn’t really detract from the figure itself. The tattoo work is once again impeccable. But two things immediately stand out against this figure. One, I can’t seem to tell what fight this attire is based on. Having done some research into this, I can say for a fact that it’s not the fight the box says it’s based on, and none of his recent fights have him wearing orange/black trunks. Second, there are only three logos on the figure’s fight shorts, and only one logo is relatively large. It makes the shorts look bare, and makes Jakks look like they didn’t want to spend any real time getting the best Sean Sherk action figure possible. Fans of Sherk will be downright disappointed with this figure, but there’s nothing really deal-breaking about it. Some effort was definitely put in. I don’t mind having it in my collection, and I think you won’t either, but it just doesn’t live up to its potential.

Finally we have Wanderlei Silva, which is a great figure and a good addition to anyone’s collection despite one glaring omission. I like the screaming face mold a lot, and I think it’s a great likeness. His all-black trunks are filled to the brim with eleven official logos, all of which look awesome. All his famous tattoos are present and accounted for except for one, and all look great. If it were anyone else besides Silva, I’d say this is one of the sure-fire, must-have purchases of UFC Deluxe 4.

But for some reason, Jakks left out the most famous tattoo of all: the one on the back of Silva’s head. There are just some fighters that are synonymous with their tattoos: I can’t picture Lesnar without that giant sword on his chest, for example, and I definitely can’t picture Wanderlei Silva without that crazy, amazing tattoo on the back of his head that has made him look like an all-out monster since the first time I ever saw him fight. The fact that one of the most distinguishing characteristics from the fighter this figure is based on has been omitted really takes away from the figure. All else considered, though, it is definitely an awesome figure.

In the end, Deluxe 4 has some great figures but also hit a couple of holes in the road. I think the entire assortment is worth a purchase, but some are worth it much more than others. I liked how diverse Series 4 was, proving once again that Jakks is committed to cranking out figures of all the best MMA stars from all the best current UFC, old-school UFC, WEC, and PRIDE fights. The tattoo work remains one of the highlights of the entire line, and for the most part, the trunks remain colorful, realistically faithful, and filled with a bunch of different, good-looking logos.

However, I didn’t like how Deluxe 4 got into the habit of re-using logos. The only three figures that don’t re-use logos are Kimbo Slice, Don Frye, and Sean Sherk. And as stated before, Sherk and Slice only have three logos to begin with, and Frye doesn’t even have any logos since he’s in classic fight attire. Despite the fact that Jakks was, for the most part, just sticking to the actual fight trunks in order to preserve the realism of the line, it sticks out like a sore thumb that so many logos have just been copy/pasted up and down the fighter’s trunks.

But in the end I really like UFC Deluxe 4. It doesn’t live up to the high standards set by UFC Deluxe 3, but I’d put it right up there with Series 0 and 1, and of course it’s miles above the three-figure Series 2. Jakks has really begun to hit their stride with this line, and now that I’m four series in, I’m becoming a bigger fan than ever before. We’ve still got so many A-list fighters that are going to get the figure treatment, and as Jakks constantly continues to improve, more and more I find myself eagerly looking forward to what’s in store. I honestly think this line has a very bright future and has all the right ingredients to become one of the best toy lines on the market.

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And as always, stay tuned to MMAFigs.com, your #1 source for UFC action figures and news, views, previews and reviews.


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Matthew Moor on 07/23/2010 12:26:08
I absolutely enjoy thes new MMA fighters but I want I want an URIJAH FABER action figure like yesterday .URIJAH FABER was the greatestest WEC champ of all time, yet thers a Mike Brown on the market and that is a crying shame and extremely unfair. Please FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR THE CALIFORNIAKID. GOD BLESS
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