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New Twitter/Blog Posts CONFIRM New Prototypes! KIMBO, BJ PENN, and MORE!

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Several Pictures Surface on Twitter and UFC Blog

New pictures have surfaced recently of several UFC prototype action figures in a variety of different sizes.

Two new pictures were added to the UFC's twitter account, while a recent video blog by UFC President Dana White also showcased several new figures.

Among the most noticeable figures of the bunch are a classic Chuck Liddell figure, a Kimbo Slice figure, and an assortment of micro-sized and 3.75'' figures. A statue-esque super-deformed BJ Penn figure was also shown, which may hint towards a possible Round 5-stylized line of Jakks Pacific action figures.

Some additional fighters to the line of "UFC Legends" action figures were also highlighted, as it appears that Don Frye and Andrei Arlovski will see a release in their classic attire.

Most interesting were the Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin figures, as both men were in their attire from the first Ultimate Fighter finale and Dana White himself said that the plan was to release the two as a two-pack. Not only that, but both fighters appeared "battle damaged" and bloodied, which confirms rumors that figures such as these are currently in development.

Stay tuned to MMAFigs.com as more information becomes available.


Image Gallery
This first Twitter picture highlights a classic Chuck Liddell, Kimbo Slice, Rich Franklin, and Micro-Sized Figures These three new figures seem to indicate that Jakks is working on several new styles in addition to their super-articulated line. This image, captured from Dana White's UFC blog, highlights several new figures. This appears to be a classic Andrei Arlovski. A prototype Wanderlei Silva action figure. A classic Don Frye figure. Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar figures, planned to be released as a two-pack.

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PREACHER on 12/30/2009 04:10:05
i thought that was jon fitch with the afro and not belfort
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ElGuapo on 12/30/2009 06:42:36
that or arlovski, who knows
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jjlivnlife on 12/30/2009 19:54:24
boy i hope they have plans to make kimbo's chest hair apparent.
Great looking BJ Penn I hope he is short like most of those guys in his division
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PdW2kX on 01/01/2010 00:35:59
I've seen some pretty convincing evidence that the mystery quasi-afro/jheri curls figure is most likely Andrei Arlovski rather than Vitor Belfort. So I went ahead and changed that.

Regardless, I'd be very happy to own both a classic Andrei and a classic Vitor figure. I'm also happy that we're getting new prototypes, period.
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serrato on 01/05/2010 01:00:20
i hope to get arlovski and kimbo
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