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Affliction MMA Over, Re-Joins UFC

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Fresh on the Heels of "Trilogy" Being Canceled, Affliction Stops Promoting Entirely

Oh how the mighty have fallen…or at least come crawling back.

In just a manner of days, Affliction has gone from promoting one of the most anticipated fight cards of the year, to cancelling it, to cancelling their promotional endeavors period.

You thought hell froze over when Dana White and Tito Ortiz recently made amends? Then it just got a little bit colder way down south, as multiple sites have recently reported and confirmed that not only is Affliction as event promoters over and done with, but Affliction is once again back with the UFC.

The following, posted in full, is a joint press release from both Affliction and the UFC.

Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship “UFC” organization and Affliction Holdings, LLC announced today they have agreed to a collaboration that will benefit the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and ultimately the sport’s growing fan base.

The collaboration ensures commitments by UFC and Affliction for Mixed Martial Arts to continue to be recognized as a mainstream sport.

“We are excited about the return of Affliction to the UFC and look forward to seeing our fighters once again walk into the Octagon wearing the Affliction brands. Affliction is an innovator of mixing fashion with this sport and we are looking forward to working together to promote the sport.” Dana White, President of UFC.

“Our brand is synonymous with the ‘Live Fast’ approach to life and UFC is the perfect venue for us to market our brand. We have come to an agreement with the UFC which we feel will be the best for the sport and will help the UFC continue delivering the highest caliber of fights,” Eric Foss, Co-Founder of Affliction.

So there you have it, fight fans- the short history of Affliction MMA ends with just two shows, despite the fact that those two were excellent cards featuring world-renowned talent. Aside from hinting at a press conference sometime in the future, Dana White has so far been silent on where this leaves Affliction’s fighters. But while Dana has been all smiles in public, I’ll bet money that he’s cackling with glee on the inside. Once again a promotion has stepped up, waved some serious money around, and hoped to compete, only to fail miserably. And while many will point out that Affliction dug its own grave, none can deny that the UFC’s counter-programming of Affliction cards was one of the first nails in the promotion’s coffins.

That coffin is now firmly in the ground. RIP Affliction…”the t-shirt guys” ultimately couldn’t compete with MMA’s premier juggernaut.




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