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The "Confirmed Dead" Former UFC Star Takes Media to Task in Recent Interview

Kimo Leopoldo earned his fifteen minutes of fame when he took Royce Gracie to the limit at UFC 3, but it’s for an entirely different reason that Leopoldo has found himself back in the spotlight. And it’s not a reason he’s fond of.

Starting from a rumor on mixedmartialarts.com, multiple sites “confirmed” that the former UFC veteran had passed away. The man has admittedly suffered from and struggled with substance abuse for much of his life, including his UFC career, so news of his death saddened but didn’t exactly shock the MMA world. What was shocking, however, was one simple fact: Kimo Leopoldo wasn’t dead.

MMAFigs.com recently reported the news that Kimo was, in fact, still among the living. A statement was expected to be made by today, and that expectation proved true.

MMAWeekly.com recently spoke to Kimo and his manager, Brandt Stebbins. Here are some of the highlights of what Kimo had to say.

“I was dead, outta nowhere. All my friends were mad at me because I was asleep; I didn’t answer the phone, so they naturally assumed it was true, until they saw me in person. You know how ex-girlfriends are, they’re already kind of grouchy to begin with. They were just upset with me because they were hurt.”

“(An officer from the Orange County) Sheriff’s Department said he’s really gonna help us out on locating where the source came from as well. I’ve also asked the press to help me out as well.”

“I’ve been misrepresented in the press throughout my whole career. I’m not so upset for myself, but when it starts to affect my family and fans, it starts to tick me off. I can take more punishment myself, than if someone starts messing with loved ones of mine.”

“The media fails to have any accountability at all. The media should have some kind of standards or rules of conduct. For example, factual, truthful, unbiased, reporting, with both sides of the story. Not painting a picture of one-sidedness, not misleading the public. The media gets away with more and more lately. They don’t really have to have any accountability to anybody.”

“They’re in such a frenzy to get the story out first, they approach me in a rude way trying to get me to say things out of context. They don’t follow up on the stories to what is the conclusion of what happens later on. I don’t know how to say it, because I get upset.”

Kimo also hinted at a possible return to action, saying that it was “50-50” that he would compete within the year.

If he does return, Kimo will certainly have a lot of aggression to work out.




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nick on 07/24/2009 05:29:13
that rumor was stupid, if he was dead UFC.com would have something on it.
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PdW2kX on 07/24/2009 06:30:56
No disrespect to any news sites that reported on it before all the facts were out, but I have to agree.

Kimo may not be a shining bastion of goodness, but no way did he deserve to have his life nearly pulled apart by this.
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