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Lesnar: Defiant and Ready

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Whether It's Steroid Testers or Fight Opponents, Brock Fears No Man

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has been making the press rounds lately in an effort to further hype his long-awaited rematch with Frank Mir at UFC 100, a bout that will see the crowning of an Undisputed Heavyweight Champion for the first time since 2007, when UFC legend and Hall of Fame member Randy “The Natural” Couture abruptly called it quits while still wearing the gold.

Long known for his take-no-prisoners, extremely-frank interview style, a pair of quotes has surfaced from The Sun and Maxim that show off a focused, determined Brock that hasn’t abandoned his “here’s my opinion, you like it or you don’t” style.

“I watch the other heavyweights and I don’t feel threatened by any of them. I’m not getting caught up in la-la land. I’m keeping everything in perspective and keeping it real. But even though I’ve got the belt, I can still become a better fighter … It poses a whole other threat now, with people gunning for you and not just me trying to climb the ladder … Put it this way, guys play golf for recreation. You don’t fight and get bloody noses and black eyes for fun. I’m a grown man and I have to make a living out of this.”

“I bet you I’ve taken over 60 steroid tests. In college I had 15 random drug tests in two years. I’ve taken drug tests for the NFL, the WWE, the UFC. I must be pretty good at masking steroids. God gave me this body: Are you jealous of it or what? Give me a break. I got the genetics of—not to get into racism or anything — but I’m built like a black man. Would you say so? … It’s all genetics. I wouldn’t say we’re all created equal. That’s just to make the other guys feel good who don’t have what you’ve got.”

It would appear that Brock fears no man…or steroid test. Brock’s “what, are you jealous?” response can and probably will be seen as another comment to earn the ire of those against him, but fight fans should consider that steroid allegations have hounded Lesnar throughout his entire life, all of which appear to be unfounded. It’s obviously a sore subject.

Lesnar’s bravado and nonchalance regarding the increasingly-competitive UFC Heavyweight Division may also earn him some derision, but remember that no good champion has ever admitted defeat or fear while reigning as division king. Brock’s skills continue to grow at a frightening rate: the Brock Lesnar that faced Randy Couture would run circles around the one that lost his debut against current UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. With title challengers in no short supply now that the UFC’s Heavyweight Division is finally experiencing some growth, Lesnar looks to face his challenges with the same tenacity and ferocity that has so quickly catapulted him up the MMA landscape.

Love him or hate him, one can’t deny Brock’s talents. Whether you consider said talents God-given or steroid-fueled is another aspect of discussion. Brock, meanwhile, knows where he’s at and where he wants to go, so look for him to put on a classic performance when he meets Frank Mir for a second time en route to unifying the UFC Heavyweight Championship and UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion on July 11, 2009 at UFC 100.



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