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"Big Tim" Out of Affliction Following Brutal KO

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Timmy Goes Tim-Ber Out of "Trilogy" Following KO Loss to Mercer

While I've never been a big fan of "The Maine-iac" Tim Sylvia, I certainly feel for the guy.

After taking a brutal beating at the hands of Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction "Banned" way back in July 19, 2008, Big Tim's most recent fight pitted him against aging boxer Roy Mercer in a bout that was originally scheduled to be strictly boxing but was changed last-minute into an official MMA match due to sanctioning issues.

This change didn't help Sylvia in the least, as Roy Mercer knocked him out in under 10 seconds.

Even worse, a planned fight at Affliction's third show "Trilogy" pitting Big Timmy against Paul Buentello has been called off due to concerns for Sylvia's health.

"I just think it’s too soon, and Monte (Cox, Sylvia’s manager) thinks it is too. We all agree that it should be 90 days off and I just don’t want to be that promoter that takes a chance. Tim’s a friend of mine, and even if he wasn’t a friend, it’s just too dangerous.”

These words come from Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio, and are perhaps one of the last nails in the coffin of Big Tim's career. Sylvia has seen his fair share of controversy over the years: fans have derided his reign as UFC Heavyweight Champion as "the best of the worst", seemingly saying that the only reason Sylvia gained gold was because the division itself was paper-thin. Others, including UFC President Dana White, have continuously mocked him for the fact that he would seemingly wear the UFC Heavyweight Championship wherever he went. And then of course there was the Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski III fight, which some consider one of the worst fights of all time.

So, can Tim rebound and get back into the fight game, or is this slide into obscurity a one-way ticket into retirement? Everybody loves a comeback, but only time will tell if Tim can come back from back-to-back-to-back losses.




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on 06/17/2009 18:11:06
tim can make a rebound in this sport.anything is possible it depends on how bad a fighter wants it!.dana hade mocked him for wearing the belt every where he went!.come on when you put sweat teares and blood in a career like that and mention you dont see your family when your trainning three months to a fight.any fighter deserves it,because you never knw when your going to be champion again.the fight game is so big now even in the 175-205 division.nobody is going to stay champion for than a year!.and thats what dana wants,he wants to see a brawl and more money in his pocket.to him he can use a fighter up and trash him,then pick up another fighter.i dont blame cro cop for what he did.you go where the money goes and try to take less damage.cro cop has alot of milage on him and so does other fighters from pride.they dont make anything compare to boxers but mma fighters take for damage.and your telling me that dana wants to keep this sport pure by not paying them what they need.maybe if he payed them more we would see more knock outs.its not tims fault when he became champion there was no one to fight whos fault was that but danas.hes the one who finds fighters.and he makes the matches,dana did that to him self!.
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