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UFC Hits Shelves, Toy Fair & Wave 3!!!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Hey guys!

We’ve got some major news for you!

1 - Product is on shelf!  Although just trickling in now, you can find wave 0 at TRU now.  It’s a bit tough to find as the stores are just rolling product in, but keep looking.  Also note that the very first shipment of toys to TRU does NOT include Kendall Grove or Miguel Torres.  However, they will be rolling in to Wal-Mart and all TRU’s in the next few weeks.  Remember to look for the “First 100″ of each figure.  And if you get one, hold on to it.  I had to give mine up :(

2 - Toy Fair is going to be good.  If I do say so myselft, toy fair this year should be great.  Check out for pictures, updates and interviews as the show goes on.  We will be showing new figure scales, new playsets and more!  We will also have Royce Gracie in our UFC room to answer a few questions and signing a few figures for some really lucky people in attendance.

3 - Wave 3 is official.  I’ll let the news leak out slowly, so make sure to check back in on and our Jakks UFC Facebook page, but can anyone say Randy Couture?  Or how about Tito Ortiz?  That’s right, you heard it here first.  Randy and Tito confirmed for wave 3.  More details to follow…

Send me your comments, questions, concerns, wishlists…