UFC 107 Tickets & Toys Giveaway on Facebook

November 9th, 2009

Hey guys,

Just wanted to remind everyone that we are giving away a cool prize pack of UFC toys and tickets to UFC 107 as part of our Facebook promotion!  All you have to do is become a fan of our page and you will be automatically entered to win.  Prize pack = 2 tickets to UFC 107, 2 plane tickets from wherever you are, 1 night stay in Memphis, a full set of wave 0 figures, an official scale Octagon and one of our UFC belts.  Check out our page for more info and all the details:  www.facebook.com/UFCtoys.  Make sure to enter before the end of the month.

Talk to you soon…


UFC Series #3 Confirmed - Rumors for #4 - Belts #2

November 3rd, 2009

Hey guys,

I’m getting a lot of feedback that you guys need more info!  I love it.  I am here for you.  You want more, just ask and I will provide…

Quick update - UFC figures #0 and #1 should be in stores now.  All figures.  I know that Kendall Grove and Miguel Torres are tough to find because they shipped out a bit late, but the full assortments for each should be out now.  And, don’t forget about those “First 100″ chasers :)  As you know our belts and basic Octagon playset should also be out in stores now.  Coming very soon:  The Official Scale Deluxe Octagon playset should be hitting stores in about a week or 2.  It’s a bit pricey (rising costs), but it is very cool (if I do say so myself :)) and would highly recommend for you guys.

Now the fun stuff.  You heard it hear first :)

UFC Belts #2 - Will include the UFC Championship belt again from series #1 + the Ultimate Ultimate belt and the Pride Grand Prix!  What do you think?

UFC Deluxe Figures #2 - Check out the pics!  What do you think?

UFC Deluxe Figures #3 - It’s official.  Here is the full list of characters:  Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch, Mark Coleman (Legends Pack), Shogun Rua (Pride Pack), Karo Parysian, Thiago Silva.

UFC Deluxe Figures #4 - Still finalizing the assortment, but I’m feeling quite giving right now and don’t mind sharing some plans with you.  If everything goes well, I think you can expect the likes of Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin.  Oh and maybe even KS?

Send me comments…


UFC Hits Shelves, Toy Fair & Wave 3!!!

October 5th, 2009

Hey guys!

We’ve got some major news for you!

1 - Product is on shelf!  Although just trickling in now, you can find wave 0 at TRU now.  It’s a bit tough to find as the stores are just rolling product in, but keep looking.  Also note that the very first shipment of toys to TRU does NOT include Kendall Grove or Miguel Torres.  However, they will be rolling in to Wal-Mart and all TRU’s in the next few weeks.  Remember to look for the “First 100″ of each figure.  And if you get one, hold on to it.  I had to give mine up :(

2 - Toy Fair is going to be good.  If I do say so myselft, toy fair this year should be great.  Check out mmafigs.com for pictures, updates and interviews as the show goes on.  We will be showing new figure scales, new playsets and more!  We will also have Royce Gracie in our UFC room to answer a few questions and signing a few figures for some really lucky people in attendance.

3 - Wave 3 is official.  I’ll let the news leak out slowly, so make sure to check back in on mmafigs.com and our Jakks UFC Facebook page, but can anyone say Randy Couture?  Or how about Tito Ortiz?  That’s right, you heard it here first.  Randy and Tito confirmed for wave 3.  More details to follow…

Send me your comments, questions, concerns, wishlists…


UFC Figures & Retail Update - On Shelf This Month!!

September 14th, 2009

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on, but rest assured, I am here for you!  Send me comments, questions and I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.

A few quick updates:

  • UFC Action Figures should be hitting shelves at the end of the month.
  • Remember to go out to your favorite Wal-Mart and / or TRU to get the exclusive “First 100″ of each figure which were the first 100 figures made of each figure in wave 0 an inserted into random master cartons…
  • You can also get the exclusive Wave 0 figures through mmafigs.com!
  • Make us your Facebook friend!  We are working out a promotion to randomly draw from our “friends” for a UFC prize package including all figures from wave 0 and tickets to a UFC event.  Promotion to be confirmed after our legal team clears :)  Check out our facebook page for more info.

That should get you guys pretty much up to speed.  I promise to post more frequently.  Send me questions & comments!!


UFC Fan Expo & Exclusive Figure News

July 1st, 2009

Hey all,

Happy 1st of July!  I wanted to take a minute to post some news about our upcoming show at the UFC Fan Expo and our exclusive figure that we are releasing to support the first ever public display of our UFC toy line.  Stop by booth #427 on July 10th or 11th and get an exclusive first look at our full line of products being released this fall.  We’ll have all of our exciting launch items on display:  Wave 0 and Wave 1 deluxe figures, basic and Official Scale Octagon playsets, wearable belts and examples of our new packaging look!

In addition, we will have live fighter signings!  I can’t mention any names, but you can bet that they are some of the greatest fighters in MMA history!

If that’s not enough, we’ve worked hard to bring you an awesome exclusive with several important differences from other exclusives we’ve done in the past:

  1. Platinum Edition Chuck Liddell– With this being the platinum anniversary of UFC, we thought it fitting to create a “Platinum Edition” figure that we could sell to the public.  See the below flyer for an exclusive first look at the figure.
  2. Available to everyone – Our previous exclusive for NYTF was a special give-away that only a few key accounts and media outlets were able to get their hands on.  This exclusive figure will be available for purchase by anyone at the show.  The first 250 figures go on sale at 10:00 am on Friday followed on Saturday by the second set of 250.
  3. Serialized numbering– In the past, we’ve stickered all figures the same way “1:500.”  For this exclusive, we are numbering each figure individually!  So, if you are the first person in line, you get the very first figure!  Person #2 gets the second and so on…

Well, I really hope to see you there.  Come by, meet the fighters, see the new toy line, ask us questions and hang out with us.  We might even have a few other surprises for you at the show!

Take care,


UFC Wave 0 Officially Announced!

June 26th, 2009

Hey all!

It’s Enrique, the UFC Toy Guy again…

So, some of you with a keen eye might have caught the sneak preview of the wave 0 figures on the recently posted videos from the NY press event, but we are officially announcing UFC Wave 0 action figures today! Check them out in the gallery!

We are very proud of this exclusive wave 0 product line and you will only find it at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us! The exclusive series will hit retail shelves in late September / early October, but make sure to check early and often because the first 100 of each figure will be uniquely stickered and inserted into random case packs!

Also, make sure to check back in to this website next week for a special announcement regarding an exclusive figure available for purchase at the UFC Fan Expo!


June 15th, 2009

Hey all,

My name is Enrique Ruvalcaba and I am the director of Fight Brand marketing here at Jakks Pacific.

I am very excited about the launch of this site and about partnering up mmafigs.com to bring you guys some exclusive information, product images and insight into the exciting launch of the toy brand.

I’ll be posting on here regularly, so make sure to come back to get all the juicy details about upcoming figures, exclusives, shows, etc…

I know there’s a lot of rumors going around about which figures are coming out at which times, but I’ll promise you this: Jakks is dedicated to bringing you guys the most authentic figures of all UFC athletes, past and present. We will do our absolute best to produce every single figure that a great line should have.

Make sure to come by UFC 100 if you can. We’ve got something special planned…